Masterclasses & Clinics

During a Masterclass at Little Big Beat Studios in Eschen, a professional musician, the so-called „master“, introduces his special types of techniques, attitude, methods and philosophy of making music to a group of „students“. Everyone who is interested can be part of it.
Take your chance to learn from a master!

Location: Essanestraße 164, Eschen, Liechtenstein

Chris Coleman

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Anika Nilles

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Jojo Mayer

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Adam Ben Ezra

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Dan Mayo and TATRAN

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Josh Dion

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Paris Monster

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John Robinson

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Rossi Roßberg

Drum Tuning 1

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Ian Ethan Case

Guitar Masterclass

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Fausto Cuevas

& Raul Pineda

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Rossi Roßberg

Drum Tuning 2

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