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Billy Cobham, the legendary jazz fusion drummer, brings you an electrifying collection of tracks that showcase his unmatched talent and improvisational skills.


With “Spectrum” and “Crosswinds”, Billy Cobham made two epochal recordings of the fusion era in the early 1970s. From Miles Davis to George Benson, master drummer Cobham worked with almost all the luminaries of modern jazz, not only in jazz rock.

In 2001 Cobham was named one of the 25 Most Influential Drummers by Modern Drummer magazine. He paved the way for future drummers by changing the way percussion is set up, the way it is played and enjoyed. In 2001 Cobham released "Drum 'n Voice 1" which was his return to the 1970s jazz-funk sound and then in 2006 Cobham released "Drum 'n Voice 2" eventually Cobham released his follow up record "Drum 'n Voice 3" in 2009. In 2011 Cobham started teaching drums online at the Billy Cobham School of Drums which is a ArtistWorks Drum Academy. In 2018 Cobham toured across the US a performance series called "Crosswinds Project" which was his way of revisiting his second album, Crosswinds. The tour re-comprised his original work from the 1970's which continued into 2019 as a celebration of Cobham's 75th birthday.

Immerse yourself in the infectious grooves and mind-blowing solos captured that will transport you straight to the heart of the Studio Live Session.


Billy Cobham  drums

Emilio Garcia  guitar

Victor Cisternas bass

Steve Hamilton keyboards

Jorge Aguilera keyboards