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Yesterday's Studio Live Session with Elektro Guzzi

"Triangular lights on, band in, tapes rolling, and here comes another fabulous feature of such a STUDIO LIVE SESSION: Not only Elektro Guzzi's Jakob Schneidewind, Bernhard Breuer and Bernhard Hammer immerse themselves in a hypnotizing soundscape with their in-ear monitors, but everyone in the room enjoys this deep listening experience. Equipped with high-quality headphones, the audience is treated to the kind of crisp, clear and ultra-transparent reproduction you can only hear when you're right there in the studio. Together it's off to otherworldly, hypnotic spheres. With their latest sound concept "Triangle" Elektro Guzzi lift off and within seconds develop a musical maelstrom that you simply can't escape. The three guys take you along mercilessly, with closed eyes, interacting and improvising in blind understanding with an ecstatic drive and sensuality that normal electronic techno music can never even come close to." - Text from Arno Oehri

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