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Yesterday's Studio Live Session with Spiral Drive

"Music is emotion, music is life, and it needs us just as much as it needs you," explains studio owner Little Konzett at the beginning of the second set of the STUDIO LIVE SESSION with Mannheim-based psychedelic space rock band Spiral Drive. That's the key: LIFE combined with LIVE, a band, a location, an audience - and a lot of inner space for the music to unfold. Bandleader, singer and guitarist Raphael Neikes already knew the benefits of LITTLE BIG BEAT STUDIOS from his session there with Mother's Cake in 2021, all the more reason to bring his own project Spiral Drive to this innovative and highly inspiring venue. Misty air, floating slim light tubes and an expectant look into the control room waiting for the GO. Ready to kick off a powerful session with an eclectic journey through the history of rock, grunge and indie music, processed with the means of today." - Text by Arno Oehri

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