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Our Events

Besides recording, mixing and mastering we also host several types of events.

The main events are the Studio Live Sessions, the Studio Concerts, the Masterclasses, the Clinics and the Steinway Sessions.


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The Studio Live Sessions

an extraordinary combination of a recording session and a live concert

During the one hour session, the artist performs in front of an exclusive audience. As a guest you`ll be able to experience a live recording session in the music studio and be part of the analogue studio taping process for analogue multi tracking. The entire Studio Live Session is captured on multiple levels that include audio recordings and video recordings from an array of different angles. Every SLS guest is also given a pair of headphones that allows them to dive deeper into this unique experience by becoming a virtual part of the recording process! Being part of this process gives you a deeper insight into how reel to reel taping works while they're able to enjoy an intimate performance at the same time.


What we create is really a one of a kind experience that most people have never had before!

Masterclasses & Clinics

famous artists share their knowledge and secrets of making music

During a Masterclass at LITTLE BIG BEAT STUDIOS in Eschen, a professional musician, the so-called master, introduces his special types of techniques, attitude, methods and philosophy of making music to a group of students. Everyone who is interested can be part of it. 


Take your chance to learn from a master!