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Nik West - Secret Studio Live Session

SECRET STUDIO LIVE SESSION for Kick Off with NIK WEST! If you missed it, today she is going to play live at the Festival!

„If you think the summer hasn’t been hot enough so far, don’t worry, fabulous bassist and singer Nik West and her band heat you up enough for the rest of this summer. From disco-funky „Cotton Candy“ to the Rock driven and guitar featuerd „Say something“ every piece is just another hot musical explosion. And then there was this delicious guy in the streets. A „Forbidden Fruit“ unfortunatley, as Nik states, but let’s give him at least a funky bassline - and sing along. Dazzling and colorful is everything in those two sets, the sound, the drive, the groove, the dancing and clapping crowd and yes - not forgetting the outfits. Was the first set sweat driving, well, there is more to come in the second set. „We want the funk“ is not just a line to sing along with Nik, it is an inner attitude and a dedication.“ - Arno Oehri


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