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5K HD Studio Live Session Master Tape

5K HD Studio Live Session Master Tape



For these exclusive tape copies, Little Konzett makes an analog master that is transferred to a STUDER A80 (transistor). We only use the tapes from RECORDING THE MASTERS. The resulting quarter-inch tape is then shipped with a valuable aluminum reel in a classy, numbered box.


Production time is approximately one week. 


„We love this room. There is something intense to it that helps us focus. The music we try to create together thrives in places like Little Big Beat. Thank you for supporting our vision by giving us space and time where anything can happen!“



Mira Lu Kovacs | vocals

Benny Omerzell | piano

Martin Eberle | trumpet

Andreas Lettner | drums

Manu Mayr | bass




Kill Your Rituals | 04:59
Justice | 04:42
Selfish | 05:02
What If | 04:48

Boulevard | 04:05
Crazy Talk | 04:27
High Performer | 06:27
Happy Fxxxking Life | 06:01



Tape: SM911 tape 1/4"

Reels: 1


ADA (analog recording, high-resolution digital mix, analog master)


    If you have any questions or requests concerning our analog products, do not hesitate and contact us at We are very happy to help you out!

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