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AVEC Studio Live Session Double Vinyl

AVEC Studio Live Session Double Vinyl



„For a very long time I dreamed about playing a session at LITTLE BIG BEAT STUDIOS and it has been an experience unlike any other. Within this intimate, fragile setting something happened between the audience and us, something magical and surreal and I’ve never felt this way before! An absolute unique and beautiful journey and I am very grateful for everyone who has been a part of it and made this possible! I hope you enjoy it!“



AVEC | vocals, guitar
Veronika Sterrer | keyboard, bass synth, backing vocals
Andreas Häuserer | guitar, backing vocals
Thomas Gieferl | drums, percussion, backing vocals
Matthias Zeindlhofer | trombone, bass synth, percussion, backing vocals



Side A:

Over Now | 04:13

My Wife The Depression | 03:17

Dance Solo | 03:40

Homesick For A Day | 03:35


Side B:

Heavy On My Mind | 04:35

For Me | 07:12

Walls | 03:15


Side C:

I Don't Pray | 03:04

Still | 03:49

Feel Good | 03:30

Under Water | 04:23


Side D:

Yours | 07:02

Home | 04:06

Close | 06:05

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