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Fred Wesley Studio Live Session CD

Fred Wesley Studio Live Session CD



“This is one of the best studios I’ve seen in a long time. In fact, I love this studio. The last tune on this album wasn’t supposed to be recorded, but Little left the tape running anyway (they do that). We had a lot of fun recording these tunes and we hope you’ll have a lot of fun listening.”



Fred Wesley & the New JBs
Fred Wesley - Trombone
Gary Winters - Trumpet
Phillip Whack - Saxophone
Bruce Cox - Drums
Dwayne Dolphin - Bass
Reggie Ward - Guitar
Peter Madsen - Keyboards




Breaking Bread | 06:07

Pass the Peas | 06:55

Doin’ it to Death (Funky Good Time) | 05:19

House Party | 10:21

Get On The Good Foot | 04:49

Bop To The Boogie (Bonus Track) | 08:05

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