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Slide Hampton Project Studio Live Session Vinyl

Slide Hampton Project Studio Live Session Vinyl



“The atmosphere during the recording session at the LITTLE BIG BEAT STUDIOS was an extraordinary experience for us. Best conditions on a highly professional level gave us magical moments. Our new edition of the Slide Hampton Project was in good hands here. Unique and historical.”



Joe Haider - piano

Florian - Trübsbach flute

Toni Lakatos - trombone saxophone

Domenic Landolf - tenor & soprano saxophone

Dave Blaser - trumpet & flugelhorn

Claus Reichstaller - trumpet & flugelhorn

Thomas Stabenow - bass

Dominic Egli - drums

Daniel Noesig - trumpet & flugelhorn

Alistair Duncan - trombone

Johannes Herrlich - trombone

Erik van Lier - bass trombone



Side A:

Think | 07:29

Grandfather's Garden | 11:24


Side B

Waltz For My Lady | 08:13

Body & Soul | 06:59

Rhythmik Changes | 06:42

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