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Spiral Drive Studio Live Session Vinyl

Spiral Drive Studio Live Session Vinyl



„We had a truly magical timeplaying and recording at Little Big Beat Studios. The team is just amazing, the atmosphere is calming, the studio is phenomenal and their working philosophy is admirable. It was an honor being able to record our songs there - live, analogue, on tape and in front of an audience at the same time. Thanks for everything!"



Raphael Neikes | guitar & vocals

David Knevels | bass

Nicholas Stampf | drums

Quentin Vogel | keys



Side A

Space Train | 03:51

Heatwave | 04:30

13th Eye | 06:03

Hypnotized | 05:43


Side B:

Lines For Lives | 05:51

Omnesia | 04:18

Ego Placebo | 09:52

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