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VP Bank Session
Limited Art Edition

Music, design, and innovation combined in an audiovisual work of art.


"Carved into black gold"

jan SEVEN dettwyler,

November 23rd 2023 at


On November 23, 2023, LITTLE BIG BEAT STUDIOS hosted the first VP Bank Session with Swiss artist Jan SEVEN Dettwyler.

The live session was recorded on analog tape and simultaneously cut on an original lathe master, creating a unique and unforgettable musical experience. The limited edition of 100 vinyl records resulting from this project are handmade and individually numbered, providing a unique opportunity to be a part of this musical journey.

Designer Philipp Zünd has designed a vinyl cover that reflects not only the music but also the philosophy behind the recording. It is a bridge between music, design, and investment. By using traditional analog printing techniques and a generative concept, he has created a handmade, limited art edition, making each of the 100 record copies a unique piece.

Philipp was inspired by LITTLE's analog vision to design a cover that reflects the authenticity and craftsmanship of a studio live session. He chose traditional letterpress printing as the medium to give each of the 100 vinyl records an individual face.


He created a generative design concept that relies on the random interplay of different parameters, such as number sequences, colours, and arrangements. This concept guarantees that each cover is unique. For example, the series of 7, based on the performer’s name, plays an important role and ensures that each record is playfully numbered from 01 to 100. The silver highlights on the cover of each copy of the album are reminiscent of binary code, with the numbers 0 and 1 standing out. The individual copy number is printed in bold blue lettering. Additionally, the artist’s face is subtly embossed in halftone, adding another visual layer.

Creating the 100 covers required intensive manual work and precision. Over 1500 print runs with 15 compositions were necessary to ensure the uniqueness of each cover. Philipp's dedication and commitment to this project is reflected in the weeks of meticulous and focused work.


The result is a Limited Art Edition that not only makes the analog experience of the Studio Live session tangible, but also combines the digital world of banking with an emotional component.

VP Bank has created an innovative link between music and digital investment by tokenizing the original record master cut, which is stored in a VP Bank safe. Thus, with each of the 100 records, you also acquire a share in that original lacquer master.


Purchase your copy of the limited edition vinyl record and experience the combination of analog authenticity and digital innovation: