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jan SEVEN dettwyler


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Studio Live Session Double Vinyl

Jan SEVEN Dettwyler's double vinyl album is a unique milestone: He rounds off his two-year tour “Ich Bin Mir Sicher!” with an analog recording on tape, performed live in front of an audience, and without any re-editing. Pure authentic, genuine emotion. Preorder now this limited edition, there are only 500 pieces!

In November 2023, jan SEVEN dettwyler was our guest for the final culmination of his tour “Ich Bin Mir Sicher!” and enchanted the audience with an up-close performance that had everything to offer from funky beats to goosebump ballads. The full load of emotion with soul, groove and feeling was captured on this analog gem with two vinyl records.


For connoisseurs:

The Limited Art Edition

Design and vinyl aficionados can purchase a very unique piece of art from jan SEVEN dettwyler's live performance: The Limited Art Edition entitled “Ich bin mir endgültig sicher” was created on the first evening of his two-part performance, at the “VP Bank Session”. The albums, strictly limited to 100 copies and tokenized by VP Bank, are not only the children of a direct and live cut lacquer master - the 100 covers were also created with great dedication using traditional letterpress printing technology, in a way that makes each individual album unique. And: The records are individually hand-signed by jan SEVEN dettwyler.


What makes the Limited Art Edition even more extraordinary: Part of the proceeds will go to the LITTLE BIG BEAT Association for the promotion of audio and music talent. Another reason to secure one of the few remaining copies and let others benefit from the intrinsic value of this product.

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