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Jona Oak Studio Live Session Vinyl

Jona Oak Studio Live Session Vinyl



“LITTLE BIG BEAT STUDIOS is the most amazing place to be. There's like a magical energy that makes you hope the recording session will never end. The audience is beautiful, the studio team is more than friendly, and Little has an unique way of making you feel at home. We basically didn't want to leave. Thank you. We had so much fun recording these tracks and we hope you'll enjoy listening to them. Peace, Jona Oak.” 



Jona Oak


Siân Pottok | Vocals & Guitar

Rosie Marie | Piano & Vocals

Dima Tsypkin | Cello

Nicolas Charlier | Drums




Side A:

Cigarette | 02:05

Drifting Away | 04:20

Stuck A Gum | 04:30

Stamp It All Out | 03:45

Pour Me Some Wine | 03:50


Side B:
Born | 05:50

I Could Kill | 04:00

Hey You | 04:20

Peace & Harmony | 04:25

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