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Judith Hill Studio Live Session Double Vinyl

Judith Hill Studio Live Session Double Vinyl



Expected delivery date July 8th. 

Attention: Products will not be shipped individually. Any products ordered along with this vinyl will be shipped once Judith Hill Vinyl is available.


“Thank you so much everybody! Always a pleasure and joy to be here at the LITTLE BIG BEAT STUDIOS. This is such a unique experience to be in a recording session with an audience. Thank you for sharing the space with us.”



Judith Hill - vocals, keyboard & guitar

Michiko Hill - keyboard

Peewee Hill - bass

John Staten - drums



Side A:

Baby, I'm Hollywood! | 06:10

Americana | 05:19

Burn It All | 06:18


Side B

Give Your Love To Someone Else | 06:17

Love Like Fire | 09:43


Side C

You Got The Right Thang | 04:36

The Pepper Club | 06:06

When My World Is Blue | 03:43


Side D

Silence | 07:13

Step Out | 05:42

Turn Up | 05:39

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