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Mother's Cake Studio Live Session Double Vinyl

Mother's Cake Studio Live Session Double Vinyl



"What a day, what a studio! After such a long time not playing live we gathered together in this unbelievable environment to create something very special. Thx to Little and the whole audio-recording and film crew to make this happen! And of course thx to all of our fans who supported us. Without u nothing would be possible."



Yves Krismer | guitar, vocals
Jan Haußels | drums, vocals
Benedikt Trenkwalder | bass
Raphael Neikes | keyboard, guitar, vocals



Side A:
Toxic Brother | 03:47

Crystals In The Sky | 05:08

I'm Your President | 03:03


Side B:
Love Your Smell | 03:19

Desire | 04:12
The Beetle | 03:56


Side C:
The Operator | 05:31

Cybernova | 05:17


Side D:
Hit On Your Girl | 07:51

Lonely Rider | 08:48

Gloria | 04:05

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