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Tortured Soul Studio Live Session Vinyl

Tortured Soul Studio Live Session Vinyl



"Performing and recording at Little Big Beat Studios was amazing! As a recording artist you are in a particular mind set when you are recording in the studio that is different than the mind set you are in when you are performing live in front of an audience. So it was a unique experience to smash the two into one. There was a different kind of fun, cool energy in the air which helped make it a great concert AND recording! We really had a blast. Proper thanks is due many times over again to Little and his crew for creating this exciting new format!"



John-Christian Urich | vocals & drums

Ernie McKone | bass

Isamu MacGregor | keyboard

Adam Rafferty | guitar


Side A:

Hot For Your Love Tonight | 04:00

Home To You | 06:22

Fall In Love | 07:30


Side B:

Another Lover | 05:19

Enjoy It Now | 05:25

Special Lady | 08:32

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